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Who we are.

Here at IBuild Inc., we believe that the client’s needs should always come first. Performing jobs to the highest standards, on time and on budget, is what motivates us to make sure we never leave a jobsite without a satisfied customer. We never compromise quality and always make sure that we clearly communicate vital information about our ongoing projects between property managers, owners, engineers, vendors, and other contractors.

Ibuild Inc. specializes in multifamily building renovations. Our areas of work range from the frame itself to the final details of a living space, with our specialty being carpentry services. We have done jobs big and small; building fences, levelling subfloors, and renovating decks. Once we know that what we’re building on is solid we can take care of the details such as; window and door installation, cabinets, sheetrock, flooring, trim and painting. Finally, we can help maintain the life of your properties by cleaning gutters and removing moss from your buildings then applying a moss control agent to prevent continuous growth.

We hold our employees in high regard knowing that the person who knows how to do the job best, is the person who has done it time and again. We regularly communicate with one another to build upon past experiences so that we can continue to optimize every project we do. Keeping safety as our number one priority we want to make sure our employees go home each day healthy and safe, while leaving a safe work area for tenants or future contractors.

With almost 20 years of experience in the construction industry, and 10 years of running Ibuild on her own, Irina has been able to apply all her experience to build a company that her clients like working with and employees like working for. Communication is fundamental to the success of her business, and that is why she treats every email and every phone call with the highest priority.

Our Team


Having close to 20 years of experience in the construction industry, Irina founded this company in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis as a means of providing for her family. Never turning back from hard work, she combined her organization skills with a fundamental understanding of business to build a company that has stood the test of time; and continues to grow for over a decade. Her excellent communication, quick and clear estimates, as well as an eye for detail have helped her company stand out among general contractors. 

Irina Grace

Founder and CEO

With over 40 years of personal experience in everything from masonry to roofing, Jacob's opinion is almost always worth listening to. He advises Irina on several of the bigger jobs we take on, and is always there when inspectors arrive to collect all necessary information and paperwork. His timeliness, desire for durable construction, and experience make him an excellent addition to the IBuild team.

Jacob Melnik

Project Manager

Vasiliy is an experienced manager and is a jack of all trades. He knows how to finish sheetrock, install bathtubs, frame a wall and roof, as well as many other skills too long to list. He is a great observer and often will bring up points some haven't even considered. Having knowledge of many different trades, he is a very capable manager and organizer expediting materials delivery and overall project completion wherever he is sent.

Vasiliy Mironets

Team Member/Carpenter


Igor has been working construction for over 20 years. He got certified in sheetrock installation and floating, and has applied stucco, Gacodeck, all types of texture, and a variety of other finishing products. He's usually the last guy at any job and verifies that everything was done precisely and flush so that the finished product will leave any following contractors and the client always satisfied. 

Igor Dubych

Team Member/Finisher


Lester grew up around construction and has always had a knack for finding unique solutions. He's worked in the industry for 7 years and has experience in a variety of carpentry applications. Being the youngest member of the crew he still has a lot to learn, but what he lacks in experience he makes up for with hard work and clear communication. 

Lester Bugaychuk

Team Member/Sales

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